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So, I finally caved and opened an author page on Facebook. You’ll find me at @ashleyjanepoetry for the page and @ashleyjanepoems if you want to friend me!

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Day 3 A-Z Challenge People Edition (C)

So…this one was easy. This lady is phenomenally talented. I’ve done a review on her chapbook already. But I could wax poetic about her words any day. She is a gorgeous lady and her words are raw, yet beautiful. She digs in deep, never sugar-coating anything. She doesn’t just write. She lives in each line.

If you don’t follow her, you should. – A

Christina Strigas


Everything turns blue

if you dissect it

even the color purple.

I feel how words exit

like last night’s

whiskey shots

as the burning sensation

warmed my insides

along with your hand upon

my skin. The combination

was deadly


Just because I listen to my voices

does not mean

you need to.

You go about and leave me

in this shallow water

it’s not cold at all


my illness has gone

my hands are warm again

my feet touching the ground

but my imagination

it creates blame

for misunderstanding

my own intentions.

Often, you deny it all

and I believe all the

lies. The fact is

I am a consensus

a Canadian statistic

and now I am

growing my own garden

seeds intact

you on top of me

digging deep inside me

for all the answers

to the questions

you can never ask.

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An t-Slighe / The Way

Day 2 A-Z Challenge People Edition (B)

She calls herself a creative eccentric. I just call her a gorgeous writer.

Ms Bain has the ability to teach with her words, showing us truths from different perspectives. She writes with a lovely type of melancholy, but also with strength. Her words enlighten with a profound simplicity, beautifully composed.

Karen Bain - Writer


I am the sum of all who have helped me
all who have shown me the way
I am the sum of all who have offered me
their tomorrow’s are my today

I am the sum of all who saw in me
what I did not see in myself
the sum of a precious journey…
The path beyond myself

I am the sum of all who gave to me
what I could not find inside of me
I am the song that was sung to my heart
echoing beyond my darkest night

the sum of a thousand tender gifts
Speaking love and beauty and dignity…

©Karen Bain 2016.All Rights Reserved.

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Chain of Life

Day One A-Z Challenge, People Edition (A)

For my very first go at this, I chose this lovely lady to spotlight. I follow her on many social media outlets, but I really wanted to take the time to delve into her words.

She has a knack for evoking emotion that touches. Each poem, a glimpse into the woman behind the words. From her writing alone, I can tell how strongly she feels, how much her family means, her effort to embrace life.

She creates art with words, in longer pieces and the shorter blips that reach out and grab you.

Check her out! – A

Araceli M. Ream


One hand grasping
the past,
the loved ones
who imprinted
their legacy
in my life,
dear souls who
have passed on.
The other hand
holding tightly
to my future,
children who have
seemed to inch
closer to adulthood
in such a short
span of time,
and the rest of
my family who
keep my life
full of happiness
and hope.
A chain of life
that continues
with each

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A-Z challenge (people edition)

This looks like a fun way to interact with some other blogs, and get to know another writer! Sharing for others who might be interested 🙂


I was seeing things here and there about the April A-Z challenge, where from April 1st to April 26 you write one post per day with the theme or topic of the day corresponding to that day’s letter. For example on April 1st your topic could be April Fools. On the 2nd you could pick Balls. And so on. I was quite disappointed that I would have to wait another year to participate in this challenge so here I’d like to start the A-Z PE Challenge. This is the people edition! So on the first day you find someone who’s screen name starts with A and you check out their blog. The idea is that you read through some of their posts, introduce yourself and give them some feedback. Then, write your post of the day and publish it, describing who the person is and your experience finding and interacting…

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Dark Voices

He weaves darkness so beautifully…


This is a poem that takes Twitter’s 140-character limit and blasts it out of the water. I’d considered breaking this up and putting it out there in chunks, but I hated what that did to the flow so I abandoned that idea.

I’ve struggled with depression, and while I’m doing much better now, I wrote this at a very dark time for me. It reflects a lot of the negative thinking that always tries to climb in when I’m not paying attention, but it’s also a very real picture of how I was feeling at the time.

Finally, I traditionally avoid cursing in writing that I put in in public, but this one needed it, so be warned there. I hope you enjoy these words.

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Episode 2 – Jacquie Roberts

Pure fabulousness


Jacquie (@Entiretyinbits) earns us our “E for explicit language” rating and makes us fall that much more in love with her. We also tweet Jesus, because, well… Nina has some questions for him. Our interview concludes with a reading by Roger Litherland (@ThePoetryThumb) who is our guest next week on Writistry.

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